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Water Filtration Systems

Local Expert Water Filtration System Services in Big Lake MN

Have you been purchasing a lot of bottled water products or expensive refrigerator or pitcher filters because the water from your faucet just doesn’t taste right? If so, a whole home water filtration system might be the perfect solution for you. Whole home water filtration systems provide unlimited clean and pure drinking water for you and your family with a simple installation into your plumbing network.

The Difference is Clear

Despite having been filtered by the city or from a well, contaminants can still be present in the drinking water you consume every day. Chemicals, microorganisms and metals have all been found in drinking water samples taken from homes in the area.

Whole home water filtration systems work to remove these contaminants in the water, leaving you with water that tastes better, is less of a risk for any gastrointestinal illness and does not irritate sensitive skin.

Top Rated Water Filtration Solutions

Lehtola Plumbing & Heating provides whole home water filtration system installations in the metro Twin City area. Our expert technicians will start by testing the water in your home to see what may be affecting its quality.

Depending on what is going on, we will consult with you and advise on what system would be an effective way to purify the water in your home.

We offer a number of high-quality plumbing products and services to suit your home’s specific water needs. Installation and maintenance for whole home water filtration systems are simple and low hassle, as well as cost-effective compared to repeat purchases of bottled water or small filtration devices.

For more information on how Lehtola can purify the water you drink, contact us today at (612) 751-5827!

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