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Duct Armor

Duct Armor & Cleaning near Big Lake MN

Ductwork is what connects your home heating and cooling system to the air inside your homes. When ducts are clogged, leaking, corroding or cracked, your home or business can end up with problems like poor indoor air quality, high power bills and uncomfortable living conditions. Duct Armor is an affordable way to eliminate dirt, mold, allergies from Air Ducts and stop contaminating your home’s heating and air conditioning system!

For air ducts that are in need of reinforcement or restoration, Lehtola offers Duct Armor Solutions in addition to Duct Cleaning Services. We also provide superior air duct cleaning services for your ductwork system.

Duct Armor Solutions

When ducts age, they can start to rust, crack and form mold. In the past, in-ground duct systems would have to be replaced when they began deteriorating. Now, thanks to new advancements in technology, the technicians at Lehtola can restore ductwork to a pristine condition without having to replace them.

The first step in a duct restoration process is conducting a live video inspection of the entire system. This inspection helps to determine what’s going on in the ducts of a home or office building – How are the ducts laid out? What's their general condition? Do they have a water problem? Are they corroding? Are there cracks?

After any water issues are repaired and the ducts are completely cleaned, the Duct Armor liquid zinc coating is applied internally by use of a mechanical spray device.

The zinc in the spray coating is made up of more than 50% of a bonding agent which allows it to adhere well to surfaces. When it dries, the coating is air tight, resistant to water damage and prevents corrosion and mold growth.

Duct Cleaning Services

Before we can restore and protect your ducts with Duct Armor, we need to make sure they're clear of dust and debris, which is where our Duct Cleaning Services come in.

The cleaning, much like Duct Armor, is done with the use of a small live video camera, so we can make sure we're doing the most thorough job of cleaning your ductwork as we possibly can, and so you can see with your own eyes that your ducts are free from particles, dust buildup and other debris.

Our team also makes use of a HEPA filter-equipped vacuum, so you can rest assured that the dust and allergens we pull out of your ducts aren't getting back inside your home or business.

A thorough duct cleaning is recommended every few years to maintain the air quality inside your home and to keep your family safe from many airborne allergens year-round.

Duct Armor has been rigorously tested for safety and exceeds all building codes.

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Advantages of Duct Armor

  • The biggest advantage to Duct Armor is that you do not have to undergo any renovation in order to repair ductwork.
  • Sealed ducts prevent climate controlled air from escaping, therefore making your system run more efficiently and the temperature inside more comfortable.
  • Restored ducts have been proven to reduce mold and allergens in the ductwork.
  • A maintenance-free solution, the coating is water-based and environmentally safe.

Why You Should Choose Lehtola for Ductwork solutions

  • We provide upfront pricing with no hidden costs.
  • Our certified technicians are highly trained and experienced professionals.
  • Safety is a priority and we always use precautions and protections.
  • We are available at any hour.