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AC Maintenance

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Life is busy. Sometimes services get pushed under the rug. However, AC maintenance is a pretty important part of keeping your air conditioning unit running well that many of us don’t even consider.

Think of it almost like an oil change for your car. Not having this service performed could cause serious damage to your car and a large repair down the line.

AC maintenance is very similar. Lehtola is here to help you with the AC service and check off every box so that all parts of your unit are inspected and well maintained.

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What is an AC Maintenance Service?

So what exactly is done during an AC maintenance service? We’re so glad you asked. During an air conditioning tune-up, a technician will go through a list of things to inspect, clean and maintain in order to keep your unit running smoothly. They will change air filters, lubricate moving parts, clean dirt and debris that could be clogging airflow as well as various other checks and balances.

It is recommended that you have an AC tune up once a year, preferably before the temperature goes up in the spring and the unit has to operate again after a long break. Regular maintenance has been proven to prevent large malfunctions from happening later down the line. Also, tune-ups extend the lifespan of your unit and keep it running efficiently so that your energy bills stay low.

Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance Service

Lehtola Plumbing & Heating offers maintenance services for any type of air conditioner. Our licensed technicians know just what to look for and how to make your unit run smoothly all year long. Annual AC tune ups are an important service that should not be neglected. Call us at 612-751-5827 to get on our service schedule today!

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